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KingSong Products: Now One Step Closer in Europe!

KingSong is a professional manufacturer of Personal Electric Vehicles. Having autonomously completed the production cycle with in-house manufacturing of controllers and batteries, we can confidently offer high-quality products.

Quality Control
Quality Control

Maintaining high standards with rigorous quality control.

Valued Partnerships
Valued Partnerships

Nurturing our relationship with KingSong distributors and shops for mutual growth.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

Incorporating European customer feedback directly into our factory line.

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

Offering robust after-sales service to ensure a hassle-free KingSong experience.

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Electric Scooters

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Electric Unicycles

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What our customers

KingSong are our best partner

“I have been working with KingSong for over 7 years. During this period we have built an amazing partnership. I am sure that setting up a warehouse in Europe is an excellent strategic move that will give us distributors a huge advantage.”

Luigi Iaccarino

founder, OverWheel Italy

Local Support

“Although we try to keep all types of spare parts in stock sometimes it happens that we run out of the part we need for a repair. Now that KingSong are coming to Europe this will speed up our workflow and therefore our customers will be served very quickly!.”

Ivaylo Simeonov

After-Sales Support, MyEWheel


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We are Hiring!

If the world of Personal Electric Vehicles is exciting enough for you, we’d love to have you join our team. Look what open positions we have.

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